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Who is she?!?!

If you ask my brother, I should have been a Lawyer.  My neighbor thinks I'm a walking Hallmark movie. So, basically, I'm a wholesome girl ( woman ) next door who will destroy you when need be.  Want to be friends? I'm really just a girl from the suburbs of San Diego who finds a home in the pulse of NYC.  Oh boy, did I drive my parents crazy blasting The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!!!  It served me well, though, as I eventually got paid to  belt out show tunes all over the world.  

I usually have a different way of sorting through life.  While most people were learning to bake bread, I was learning about spreadsheets!  Yes, you read that right, spreadsheets.  I love'em! They are awesome, magical creatures, and when done correctly, you can change one little thing and watch the whole sheet fall in line like perfectly placed Dominos.  Doesn't that sound awesome?  

As my brother will also tell you, I have lots of very strong opinions.  One, in particular, is that everyone should be doing Pilates.  I love Pilates.  I love it so much I teach it.  Honestly, I think it feeds into my need to control things and tell people what to do, but I'll save that analysis for therapy.  What I love more than that, however, are my clients who I get to help live better lives.  

I have great parents who taught me to say please and thank you, respect and cherish my elders and gave me my fierce, yes I wrote fierce, work ethic - which I've established a little reputation for.  

Life is awesome and when I'm not knitting or looking at my keyboard figuring out when I can take piano lessons, I'm enjoying this adventure with my four legged fur person, Barnaby. Sometimes you do something right and adopting him was definitely one of those times.  

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